Our history is already several thousand years old - at least the history of our name: TYCHE - (ancient Greek Τύχη) and pronounced [tiischee] is the goddess of fate, luck and chance in Greek mythology. The Roman equivalent is the goddess Fortuna. Our own TYCHE story begins more than 10 years ago, that's how long we've been working on our idea and our innovation, refining and improving it, until we can finally present it to you. Our vision was to create a high-quality jewelry system that is suitable for everyday use and still expresses elegance and individuality. With over 40 years of experience in the international jewelery industry, we have put all our knowledge, experience and above all our heart and soul into this fortunate coincidence of fate: TYCHE.


We are proud of every single one of our TYCHE products. Each part is unique - but our four core values are the same for each product:



All TYCHE products are solid and made from the high-quality raw materials 925 silver and 18-carat gold to provide you with the best quality.


All TYCHE products are made from 90% recycled and sustainable materials to protect our planet.


All TYCHE products are handcrafted and finished by our goldsmiths to create genuine one-offs.


All TYCHE products are equipped with our patented Roots & Leaves System to give you the greatest possible freedom.


In total, we have put more than 10 years into the development of TYCHE. Every single one of our products goes through several tests - that\'s why it is a matter of course for us to guarantee the quality. You can find more information about the TYCHE guarantee promise here.


A big part of our TYCHE identity are our values. This applies to our employees, our products and our entire corporate activities. You can see these values as a kind of character traits that TYCHE is committed to and lives by every day.


To protect our planet and its resources, our products consist of up to 90% recycled raw materials - which of course does not affect the quality in the slightest. As a further contribution to sustainability, we do without unnecessary plastic - even if it would look fancy.



At TYCHE, it is very important to us that both our raw materials and each of our employees are treated fairly at all times. For us, fair working conditions, fair payment and individual well-being are a core element of our corporate identity and more than just words. These guidelines are embodied and promoted by each of our employees, the same is the principle for every TYCHE supplier and business partner.



Everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves and present themselves in the way they want. This applies to our employees as well as to our jewelry and is one of the key pillars of TYCHE. According to the saying "Same, same but different", we live an unprejudiced culture in our company, in which respect and admiration come first. Not least through our product, we want to contribute to the fact that every person is also individual in terms of fashion and aesthetics and express yourself freely.



Real handwork and not off-the-shelf goods.

At TYCHE, real manufacture meets high-quality designs.

TYCHE products are manufactured in our workshops in various work steps.